Headless Man

Krocky Meshkin was born in a small Pennsylvanian farming community alongside the Appalachian Mountains. At the age of 18 he moved to Los Angeles, CA where he found a career in the entertainment industry. After a few years behind a desk Meshkin was convinced his 40 hour a week office job was detrimental to his health. He choose to leave a cushy 55K salary job to work for as a landscaper. Upon reconciling with nature Meshkin was inspired to use storytelling skills attained through working in Reality TV to twist his real life escapades into fiction. In addition to writing Krocky Meshkin has found success as a self proclaimed "surreal street photographer" and has a great passion for distance running.

Works of Fiction

The Dirt That Feeds You

In an attempt to save his love life and free himself of mounting debt, post college aged non-college grad Andre cuts expenses till reaching the limits of the law, and then further. When caught and facing jail time for his actions, Andre agrees to a plea deal which involves his human rights being revoked and him being reinstated to the wild as a legal animal.

    The Dirt That Feeds You

Distance Running

    Krocky Meshkin

When it comes to running Krocky Meshkin doesn't fuck with GMOs, processed foods, alcohol, or the rotting flesh of domesticated animals. Inspired by the book Born to Run, Meshkin began transforming his body into that of an elite distance runner. He practices the Chi Running style and has trained directly with Danny Dreyer. Follow his progress below.


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