Who am I and what am I doing here in this world?

My name is Krocky Meshkin, I believe in using the technology and information boom to turn ourselves into the healthiest, smartest, most compassion creatures ever.


Why I started making King Hippee Shoes?

All of the bookkinghippeefoots and research I’ve found on footwear and foot health has led me to believe the healthiest feet are never confined, manipulated, or disconnected from the earth’s energy. So, yes, I’m a believer that barefoot is the way to go. Personally I had to transition from shoes to going fully barefoot and in that process I started experimenting with crafting sandals based on Tarahumara huaraches. I use a flexible leather sole and thin leather lace to keep the foot unconfined. There is no arch support or heal to ensure the natural motion of your foot is never manipulated. And I use the leather material because it is conductive to the Earth’s Energies. If you haven’t heard of Earthing check it out. Earthing is the practice of connecting with the Earth to uphold the electrical stability of our bodies.

Why no arch support?

Arch support and orthotics are a ‘Western-Medicine’ approach to foot health. The patient complains of pain and the doctor relieves the pain. I believe in digging deeper, going all the way back to finding the root of pain and then healing the body back to a natural state by correcting where you went off track in the first place. When it comes to foot health I believe in resetting the body to it’s natural form by walking barefoot or with very thin soled shoes. The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering. The arch in the human foot can be compared to the design of an arch bridge (the more weight put on it, the stronger it becomes.) If you’re interested in further reading on walking/running form I suggest Chi Running by Danny Dreyer and Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

Why I use real leather and fur?

Being the animal loving-plant-based diet-barefoot-hippie that I am, you will find I’m fully aware to the backlash of fur in fashion. I don’t believe in killing wild animals for their fur and you have my word I’ll never purchase materials from fur farms or illegal hunters and trappers. On the flip-side I also don’t support faux fur and faux leather. Most of these faux products are made from polymers (similar to plastics they are a material derived from coal and oil). Not only are these materials loaded with toxins, they require mining of the Earth, and they take centuries to biodegrade. When I look at the big picture I can see this whole fur backlash has led to a rise in the production of toxic clothing that won’t decompose. I’ve adopted the Native American belief of letting nothing go to waste, and as long as hundreds of thousands of animals are being killed by the food industry daily I see nothing wrong with putting their remains to a productive use. You also have my word that if the food industries ever stop killing animals I will switch over to plant-based materials.

How to tie your King Hippee Shoes:

How to make $5 King Hippee Shoes:

How much do they cost?

Shoes are $20 custom made in person.
$30 if I come to your home or business to craft shoes.
$30 online orders including shipping throughout the continental U.S.
$400 for instructional shoe-making at your private party or event (price includes materials up to 10 pairs of shoes, $20 per additional person or pair)

Do you know a homeless shelter or orphanage that could use a fun shoe-making day?

Contact me. In the same vein of: “Give a man fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” I believe in teaching people to make their own shoes.

Upcoming Markets / On the Spot Custom Shoe-making:

Ada Artisan Market
July 30th 2015 3-7PM
7239 Thornapple River Drive SE,
Ada, MI 49301

For more information, online orders, or to request my custom shoe making at your public event, market, or fair use the form below.

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